Why New Yorkers love Trader Joe's: My favorite value buys

Let me start by asking, does Trader Joe's make your heart happy? Because, the thought of wandering aisles, filled with unique food, at value prices, makes mine skip a beat. 

Ever since New York City, got its very own Trader Joe's in 2006, going to pick up groceries has become a full on shopping experience. My store of choice is Trader Joe's 72nd and Broadway. The two story location is packed, at all times. Occasionally, including a monitored line, which wraps tightly around the block, before entry. Only to get in and realize you must shop the bottom floor, first, and then finish your shopping as you make your way through the line, which is currently wrapped around the second floor of the store. :: inserts a chuckle :: Seriously, the Hawaiian themed market feels more like the hottest club in town, than a place to pick up produce! Club TJ's here we come!! 

Trader Joe's Value Market Prices
Trader Joe's Line

Honestly as I write this I know it sounds completely ridiculous. And as someone who has never been a fan of waiting, I'm enamored by idea that this shopping experience does not phase me or other shoppers, one bit. Why? Because of the incredibly priced and delicious products, we need!

Check out the goodies I'm obsessed with, below...