Summer Must Haves: White Sneakers

The continuing athleisure trend is leading more and more women away from stilettos and into sneakers. The days of women traipsing along their morning commute in sky high heels are slowly diminishing. Let's just say everyone has become quite comfortable with being comfortable.  Though a flat sneaker will not elongate legs as much as a heel, the extra pep in a step will surely tighten them up quicker. 

With white being a focal color of any summer wardrobe, now is the perfect time to add a new pair of kicks to the mix. The following list of sneakers are sure to add a fun touch to any look. Slip on any of these options, to complete a blazer/denim combo, top off a pants suit or funk up a maxi dress. And if by any chance you have to make a run for it, you'll be... ready, set, GO!

High Top Converse $75 

High Top Converse
Nike Racquette
Nike Tennis Classic Lace Up
Nine West Slip On
H&M Sneakers