6 Successful Holiday Shopping Tips

1) Make a list: During the holiday season, having a list of your recipients and what you plan to buy,  is crucial. Your list should be the holy grail to remain focused as you pick up multiple gifts for multiple people. Here is a sample of what mine looks like... IMAGE 

2) Shop early: Waiting until the last minute not only stresses you out, but you are more likely to purchase items the recipient may not like. And come on, don't we all want to give a thoughtful gift?! 

3) Be mindful of sales: Most stores divulge sale information early. Take advantage of this and help yourself under budget.

4) Shop Online: During the holidays, most stores provide free shipping with guaranteed delivery before Christmas. If the gifts are large, ship directly to the recipient and select gift wrapping options right on the site. Done and Done.   

5) Finding the perfect gift: We all have that one family member, who already owns everything they want.  In this case, the perfect route is to focus on things they like, but wouldn't purchase for themselves. 

6) Gift Cards: If you find yourself completely undecided, buy a gift card. Regardless of the value, a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant, is always appreciated. Seriously, every penny comes in handy when you're addicted to Starbucks, want to see a movie or need gas for your holiday travel.

Happy Shopping!!