Ten Goals to Make Each Day in 2017 a Success

Top Ten 2017 Goals for Success

Each New Year serves as a reminder of things renewed. A time to focus on making ourselves better or at the least remaining consistent in our efforts. For many, the personal trials of 2016 and increased global turmoil, led us to believe the year had a vendetta against us. Stories of chaos seemed to linger in every corner, leaving us "ready and willing" to let the year go.

In theory, we have said sayonara to 2016 and happily skipped into 2017, with the feeling of being in the clear, right!?! Wrong.. Life does not work that way. We cannot continue to use a timeframe to make us feel better about a life's challenges. Instead, we must encourage ourselves and direct our personal journeys daily, and allow everything else to run its course. By doing this, each day is a success and life's hiccups will not seem so bad. 


Ten Goals to Make Each Day in 2017 a Success

1) Get up earlier: No time? Create time, for reading, prayer, meditation or a hot breakfast.

2) Read: Keep your mind sharp by learning.

3) Drink more water: Hydration is key for healthy mind and body. 

4) Get moving: A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest. Do it while you can.

5) Power down: Disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. 

6) Wear red: Lipstick, nail polish, dresses, etc. 

7) Pamper yourself: Whether it's a pedicure, a trip, facial mask or long walk. Take time for you! 

8) Get your annual check ups: Staying healthy is very important. Keeping up with regular check-ups ensures you stay on track.

9) Visit your loved ones: You never know what life holds. Can't make it there?! FaceTime and Skype are great too.

10) Smile: In the mirror or at someone else. Each day is a blessing, make sure to find a happy place in it! 

Cheers to making 2017 amazing!