Sunday Self-Confidence October Weekly Affirmations

Sunday Self-Confidence October Weekly Affirmations

A Kelective Muse was created and is continuously driven by positivity. A quote my mother taught me, "Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better, and your better is best." Is a driving force in my life. Encouraging a lifestyle where you remain focused and undisturbed by life's circumstances, this quote speaks volumes. 

As women we often struggle to maintain a healthy momentum. As we lose this, our confidence in ourselves dwindles too. My previous #BoldBeautifulMuse series, highlighted women who have made bold moves and taken risks to excel in their careers. Partnering with We Rise and Shine, we were reminded, we need constant inspiration to propel us in the direction of excellence. 

Therefore, I want to introduce a new series, #SundaySelfConfidence. My hope is to inspire you(and myself) to exude strength, happiness and love, and genuinely believe it! Join me every Sunday in October on Instagram, for a share of weekly affirmations. 

Want to join in? Use hashtag #SundaySelfConfidence and share your own motivational picture or video. 

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