Summer Must Have Products

2015 Summer Must Have Products

We all have a maintenance routine for summer. This routine consists of ways to keep ourselves dry, our favorites sunscreen and other miscellaneous must have products, that successfully keep us moving at our summer's best. 

This August heat ensures that the products listed below are always stocked not only at home, but at my desk and in my travel bag. 

Avene Thermal Spring Water

Cool down and refresh face and body 


Degree Dry Spray

This aerosol deodorant spray immediately dries on contact. Won't leave white marks and keeps you dry from day to night. * Note: Be sure to spray in a well ventilated area.


Johnson's Baby Powder

Dust on hands to easily remove sand after a long day at the beach.


Elf Spray

Sets and keeps makeup in place no matter hot the day gets 


Baby Oil Gel

Locks in moisturize and gives skin a healthy sheen 


Ban Total Refresh Cleansing Cloths 

Refresh yourself and wipe the day away. Perfect for after work, the gym and travel.