Tips for productive fall shopping


The crisp air of a fall is refreshing. The brisk mornings and cozy nights encourage a lifestyle revamp, similar to spring renewal. As we begin to gather and prepare our wardrobes for cooler temperatures, weeding out what we need and what we want, is no easy feat.

As I began my swap out, I decided that a guide to productive fall shopping may be beneficial. Enjoy! 


Before you shop... 

  • Assess your wardrobe: This will help identify what you already own. There is no need in purchasing similar pieces. 
  • Purge: All items that fall into the following categories...Does not fit, missing buttons, hooks, has broken zippers etc., stained, or you have not worn in a year. For items you are on the fence about, ask yourself "does this make me happy?" If not, TOSS IT! This will create space for new additions. 
  • Donate: Drop off all purged items at your local thrift store, or sell newer items to a consignment shop. One of my new favorite options, Poshmark, an online site housed perfectly in an easy to use phone app. 
  • Write it Out: Now that you have analyzed what you have, make a list of items you are looking to purchase. This step will help you create complete outfits and maintain a focal point while shopping.
  • Get inspired: Pick up a style focused magazine or scan Pinterest for looks similar to the image you are trying to go for. 
  • Create a budget: Following the steps above, you have a list of needs and should know roughly how much you need to spend.

You now have a clean slate to transition into the new season. 


  • Leave the credit cards at home: By only taking the max amount of cash you planned on spending, no splurge buys or unnecessary purchases will affect your budget.
  • Invest in Layers: Layering is a crucial part of fall shopping. As the temperatures begin to dip, at night, your morning commute may be chilly while the day is much warmer. Therefore, you want to be able to take things off and put them back on.
  • If it doesn't fit, don't buy it! We are constantly telling ourselves "these jeans are a bit too tight," or "this skirt is a smidge too short," and then buy it anyway. Well, essentially these garments find a perfect spot in the back of the closet. Unless you're buying a suit and tailoring is a necessity, leave it in store!
  • Don't be afraid to buy multiples of an item you love. You'll be more inclined to wear these items. Perfect fit in slacks? Buy in both colors. Found the perfect white t-shirt? Grab 2.
  • Take your time: Smart shoppers know, finding everything you need is not always done in one day. Stick to your list and be patient. 

I hope this list enhances your shopping experience. If you have any other tips, please share below.

| Happy Shopping! |