Let's Get Coordinated

AKelectiveMuse Sets

Coordinated sets are my new favorite trend to  round out summer and transition into fall. 

My look today was a kimono and short combo that I purchased recently from H&M. The blue and white pattern is modest and classic, so I can easily dress up or down. Naturally my body type is curvy, so the the loose yet flattering fit of the high rise short smoothed everything out. The kimono is chic and now serves as one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. 

With that being said, I realized that there is something exciting about having two pieces in the same print or style. It gives your wardrobe an instant boost of options. Matching sets are a new age version of a power suit. The idea of wearing the items together as a look, or alone with a non coordinated top or bottom is simply genius. Working them together of alone eliminates some of the thought you have to put into getting dressed by providing a solid coordinated look or a cool change up if need be. Either way it's simply genius! 

AKelectiveMuse HM Kimono
Akelectivemuse strut

Though you may still be able to find my look in stores at H&M I found quite a few other stellar options. Take a peek...