Intro to goldi3sworld_

Happy Saturday!!! I'm not sure how I wandered away from you all for so long. As the summer ended I guess I was having a little too much fun. But I'm back and ready to offer up some new content. 

In the upcoming months look out for what I'm wearing, holiday gift guides, my newest music obsession and our new exciting addition, features from Destiny! Please read her bio and stay tuned, as she will be contributing on makeup and other great products. 


Intro to goldi3sworld_


Hi, I'm Destiny. I love great skin, makeup & natural hair. I love beauty consulting & being apart of the process that makes people feel beautiful. I am from Philly. My motto is "Live Out Loud." I love this because it reminds me to be free & stay true to myself. Life is made to be lived! Don't let your soul be silenced. Live out loud through your makeup, hair, or however you express yourself. My favorite makeup products are mascara to bring out the eyes, highlighter to bring out that glow, a popping lipstick because it's daring & brings out your face. I welcome you to join this beauty journey with me. Lots of amazing topics to come. :)

Instagram: goldi3sworld_