Why I'm obsessed with my H&M striped dress

As an avid H&M shopper I pop into stores a few times a week, to see what's new. They receive merchandise daily and generally each location carries different merchandise. Therefore creating a new selection every trip.

During my last visit, I was extremely excited to see the fall line is already in stores. I am always intrigued by the choices of multiple pieces in one particular print and or texture. This isn't normally a trait found in stores with a moderate price point. 

HM  Dress

The dress I wore today is my new favorite dress. The tones of the stripes can be worn throughout all four seasons and is perfect for day to day. To top it off, there is also a pilot jacket with matching shorts in the same print. As a unit, these items mix and match as a coordinated set. To stay on trend, link them up with high rise wide leg jeans or a denim button to create a look inspired by the 70's. Talk about obsessed! These buy now wear now mix and match are must haves!