Personalize It: A Baby Shower Gift Basket

I believe, every day is a gift! Each time we open our eyes and are able to inhale the morning air, then exhale, to expel the nights past, is special! As we move forth through the day, happiness should spew from our veins.  

Therefore, when a momentous occasion such as a birthday, job promotion, wedding or new baby, arises, we should sound the alarms and celebrate! As these are joyful bonuses to which life has blessed us. 

Over the years, I have honored many milestones by creating personalized gifts sets. I take pride in curating special baskets for my family, friends and others. I recently made this Bedtime Basket, as a baby shower gift. The basket included books and a wash set, from her registry, a hooded towel, washcloths, hand covers and an adorable one-piece. The recipient of the gift is expecting her first child. Knowing that she will be a doting mom, I added in an inspirational memory book. This way, after spending precious time laying her little one down, she can take a moment to briefly document her baby's day. 

Personalized gifts are thoughtful and memorable. So, next time you need to pick up a gift, put a bit of love in it and use the tips found HERE

Baby Shower Gift Basket


If you aren't the creative type, email me and let me build a set for you! 


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