Resurrection Sunday: Praise and a brunch break

Resurrection Sunday, know to some as Easter Sunday, is one of the holiest days of the year for me. A devout christian, the celebration of Jesus Christ arising, after dying to save me from my sins, is spiritually fulfilling. 

Spring Easter Sunday Outfit

As I set out for the nine o'clock morning church service, the thought of Easter bunnies and dyed eggs were the furthest thing from my mind. A day beginning in the house of my Lord, doubling as the first day of spring, had the happiness in my heart shining as bright as my citron leather jacket. 

Besties on Easter

After a wonderful praise and worship session, I joined my best friend and her parents for a lovely brunch at my neighborhood gem, Barawine. A brunch favorite, the eggs norwegian, came with a side of potatoes and mixed greens. The perfect balance of healthy and carb nation. 

Eggs Norwegian

Normally straying from the sweet treats, I couldn't resist indulging in a bit of dessert. The fruit tart had a raspberry drizzle that was perfectly palatable.