Wine Down Wednesday: Top Wines under $20

The term Wine Down Wednesday has become a midweek reason to indulge in a perfectly aerated pour. The weekly quest to find a new bottle at a reasonable price point is time consuming. Thankfully my good friend Kelly Mitchell is on the road to being a Master of Wine. Below you will find more about my go to wine gal, and her top picks of wine under $20! 


Education: I currently hold the Level 2 Certificate in Wine & Spirits Education from the WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust). I recently completed the Level 3 Advanced course and will begin my Diploma studies and eventually move onto Master of Wine.

Kelly's Top Wines Under $20

I made wine my career because it was a passion that kept calling me! Many times I ignored the urge to work in wine and pushed it to the side for what I believed was a safe career as a marketer but eventually, I gave in and the energy I get from my work everyday inspires me greatly. I’m grateful for my finance and marketing background and have called upon those skills tremendously as I build my business. 

I love wine because it is the perfect intersection of art and science while also being a very social and personal business. Winemaking is truly a creative process and I love nothing more than talking to winemakers about their wine and the history of their vineyard sites.  Grapes and the climate and terroir they grow in is fascinating to me as well. I love learning about soil types, winds and many other factors of mother nature that impact how grapes are grown and thus the wine. 

I've also realized about myself that I crave newness and discovery. In my personal life I stay on top of the newest restaurants, places to be and things to see. In wine, every year brings a new vintage and a new unique story about what's in the bottle. I absolutely love that! You can drink the classics and allow standout vintages to appreciate but there is always something new coming, a new producer that emerges or a new region that becomes hot.

Wine is so personal to people and many people have a story to tell about wine. Whether it be their favorite wine at a restaurant, a special moment they had at a winery or when they traveled to wine region. It draws people in. I have had some of the most interesting conversations with people with various levels of wine experience, since I began working in wine. It's my favorite topic of discussion and other people seem to love it too!

What's up next for me: Look out for my website, with consumer focused blog and the launch of my e-commerce business.

Kelly’s top wines under $20:

Jean-Paul Picard Sancerre

Dibon Cava Brut Reserve

Domaine Le Galantin Bandol Rose

Judith Beck Burgenland Weissburgunder

Vina 1924 De Angeles Malbec