The Counter

Times Square in New York City is on of the largest tourist attractions in America. And for that reason, if you are a NYC local, you tend to avoid this area at all costs.


So you could imagine my excitement when my niece came to visit me and her number one request was to visit Times Square. Oh JOY! But as a young woman who loves to explore and travel, I had to make sure she could check this visit off her list. 

Upon waking up on Saturday, we bundled ourselves up and trekked down to 42nd street. As we exited the subway, we were greeted by the delightful aroma of burgers and fries. Sidetracked from the original venture, we located where the amazing smell was coming from. With all signs leading to a premature break in the new year healthy eating kick, we decided that after some sightseeing and shopping, The Counter would be our destination for lunch. 

The Counter's menu is a beautiful masterpiece of burger heaven. We started by indulging with milkshakes. A black and white with chocolate sauce, salted pretzels and extra marshmallow whipped cream, was her choice. As I opt'd for plain strawberry. 

It took us quite sometime to make a decision on our actual meal, as there is an extensive list of options. The variety of buns, toppings and even a turn your burger into a salad option, was endless. We chose to create our own burgers. I keep it simple with a sirloin burger on a Hawaiian bun with mixed lettuce, spicy pickles, tomatoes, grilled red onions, brie, and hickory barbecue sauce. 

The vibe of this place was energetic and probably intensified by the bar and adult milkshakes! As we devoured our burgers and kindly shared a 50/50 order of French fries and onion rings, I knew we found a new gem. Taste satisfaction guaranteed. 

If you're ever in NYC and in the Times Square area, be sure to check out The Counter!