Have you had your shot? The benefits of Apple cider vinegar

Last year I found myself battling a serious case of cystic acne. To my surprise, the issue was caused by a hormonal imbalance and ALLERGIES. Who knew?! The acne was painful and left my face covered with dark hyperpigmention scarring.

During a visit to the dermatologist, he recommended a combination of birth control and a ton of other expensive topical ointments. Being that I am not one to want chemical treatment, I began researching natural remedies.

As I wandered through my favorite social media outlet, Pinterest, I came across apple cider vinegar(ACV).  To my surprise, there was a long list of health benefits. At the time I was unsure of trying this remedy, as I absolutely hate the taste of vinegar. But the idea of one morning shot of a something I couldn't stand, clearing up my face and helping my allergies was worth a shot. Literally! 
I began to implement one 1.5oz shot of Bragg's ACV into my morning routine and I was hooked. It has been roughly six months since I have been consistently drinking ACV. In that timeframe, my acne has cleared up, hyperpigmention has faded and during my yearly dreaded fall allergy season, I did not have to take any antihistamines. 

One shot, helped change my life! 

My favorite ways to incorporate ACV into your routine....

-Overall health: Take a 1.5oz shot  straight when you first wake up in the morning.

-If the flavor is too much for you, mix the shot in a 8 oz glass of water with 1 tsp of honey. You may drink this a few times a day or during your workout to aid in fat burning.

-Facial Toner: Mix equal parts ACV and water 

-For Shiny hair: After shampoo. Mix equal parts ACV and water add rinse through hair, starting at the scalp

-To clean fruits and veggies: Mix  4 tbsp of ACV and 1 gallon of water

-For a sore throat: Mix 6 oz of warm water, 1 oz ACV and a dash of cayenne pepper. Swallow some. 

-To soothe sunburn: Fill bathtub with warm water and add 1 cup of ACV  

There are tons of other benefits, do a little research and see how Apple cider vinegar can help you.