Handle with Care: Winter's Best Hand Creams

As the temperatures drop, the cold bitter air naturally dries out our skin. Then as flu season arrives, we wash our hands more frequently as a preventative measure against germs. And what happens?? Our oh so delicate hands quickly become dry and chafed. 

Hydration begins on the inside, so ensuring that you are drinking at least half your body weight in water each day, is crucial. However, sometimes that's just not enough. I have gathered my top 5 favorite hand creams to keep your hands moisturized. 

All of these moisturizers are available in travel size, making them perfect to use on the go. 

If after you have tried these creams, you still need an extra boost of moisture, purchase a pair of cotton gloves like the ones below. 

At the end of your nightly routine, wash your hands, pat semi dry, slather down in Vaseline and place gloves on. Go to bed! In the morning your hands will be smooth and soft. 

*Note: Swap gloves for socks, and this method does the trick on your feet too.

Pair of moisturizing gloves

Pair of moisturizing gloves