Lust & Must: Frugal Find for the Expensive Kind

I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.
— Pablo Picasso

The idea of purchasing a classically designed iconic leather bag that will last a lifetime, brings joy to my heart. 

Let’s be honest, if a lady can afford the fashion she dreams about, owning a black Chanel bag is a standard no brainer. However, for a frugal gal like myself the idea of possessing a bag with a price tag in excess of $4000 is paired with an onset of anxiety. Do you know what I can do with $4000?!?!? Travel experiences, foodie nights out, new accessories and updates to my living quarters. And what’s a $4000 bag if you don’t have a shelf to put it on or can’t afford to go anywhere to show it off? Therefore until funds are comfortable, I will adore from afar.

In the meantime, my weekly rounds through Zara found me stumbling upon a moderately priced Zara Crocodile Pattern Leather City Bag. This heavy leather bag has multiple sections for organization, a zippered slot for my phone, gunmetal trim and matching gunmetal drop chain. Clearly, there’s a resemblance between Zara’s bag and the sought after Chanel Boy Bag. However, with a price tagged at $175 its perfectly suited as a new headliner for my closets best bag in show. 

At the end of the day aside from desiring the name Chanel, a functional sturdy leather bag to carry our heavy load is what we need in our lives, right?