Muse Infused: CDFA Fashion Icon Rihanna

On June 2nd, The Fashion Designers of America, Inc. (CFDA), hosted its annual award ceremony. This event pays homage to the most influential people in the fashion world. This is affair is more than just the who’s who in fashion, but more of who IS fashion. 

After the red carpet was rolled out, our anticipation turned to pure awe when the nights Fashion Icon award honoree Rihanna, stepped on. In a sheer Adam Selman dress with matching head wrap encrusted in Swarovski crystals and a mere fur wrap, Miss Fenty stole the show. 

Reminiscent of Josephine Baker, Diana Ross and Cher

Reminiscent of Josephine Baker, Diana Ross and Cher


There are many things to be said about the performers style. While she has been scrutinized for her outlandishly scandalous looks and praised for her ability to consistently ravish in haute couture, this breathtaking beauty claimed her throne and allowed others played in her kingdom.