Sunday Funday: Father's Day 14

My father... A great man with impeccable style. He's got that old school swag that turns heads when he walks into a room. And he is almost always suited and booted. Therefore to avoid the "are you going with me looking like that" question, I have learned to be classic while pushing the dad's approval envelope. I am fully aware you will never win completely with your parents. And that's you're not supposed to. Ha! 

Sunday Funday Tactic

K: Leather peplum top...cute and covered 

Dad: Ladies don't wear leather to church  

K: Midi length...classic skirt

Dad: That's a bit too tight isn't it?  

K: Lace up Bootie

Dad: Those are some bad shoes. You keep stepping out there like that you're gonna hurt somebody!  *ques in stepmom for  reinforcement*

K: Score  





Old man Connally