Pleats to Defeat

Truth: Some days even the most stylish do not feel like getting dressed. 

No matter how many sexy dresses or sassy stilettos you have, there will be a day where effort is the only factor in getting dressed. And for these you must basics that give the illusion of a well thought out outfit. 

After a battle with the alarm clock I found myself unenthused to put on heels or anything that made me feel put together. I ventured to the section in my closet of "in case of emergency" items. I found these H&M wide leg pleated pants. Accented by chiffon pleated overlay and stretchy lining they are extremely comfortable. I grabbed a basic Forever 21 black tank, slicked up a quick bun, and was prepped and ready in 5 minutes flat. Because I suffer from color obsession, I added a red lip and studded belt to break subtly break up the black. Grabbed my sunglasses on the way out the door. Done and Done! 

Patti Pleats