Don't Sweat the Jazz... Go Cas-ual!

I think that I'm noticing a trend lately with my style. Jazzy Casual! A mix of casual simplicity with a jazzy touch.

When the word "birthday" is included in a title for an event you must always be prepared, as pictures will be taken. For a daytime birthday brunch followed by rooftop sips, I knew I needed to a shoe I could stand in comfortably for a long period of time and an outfit picture worthy but mood fitting. 

Anything made of gray sweat material is an immediate attention grabber for me. I mixed and matched a studded blouse with a mini that I found, during Zara's sale. Layering a gold necklace and my favorite sandals (which happen to be the most comfortable pair) I was ready to take on a day of fun in a modern look.

Sweat Jazzy Casual