Muse Infused: Bre


For the first installment of Muse Infused, I chatted with Bre Jordan. Simply sassy and effortless, her style is always trendsetting. Check out what she has to say…

Q:) How do you describe your style?

A:) My style is so unpredictable.  I'm somewhat of a chameleon. My style is bold, its sexy, its chic. I love to glam it up and tone it down while mixing styles that wouldn't necessarily blend but look great once paired. 

Q:) What is your first fashion memory?

A:) My first fashion memory is all about my mom. She was the most fashionable lady I knew. She had all the pieces, all the accessories and all the shoes a girl could dream of.  A real gem! I recall her picking me up from elementary school wearing a red flower printed long sleeve jumper and thinking "that's gonna be mine someday."

Q:) What motivates your daily attire?

A:) My mood! Fearlessness. I'm one of those girls that dresses how she feels no matter the occasion. If there is a shoe I'm dying to wear that day, I wear it and just work a little magic so  the rest of my look to works. My method hasn't failed me yet! 

Q:) Who do you view as the most iconic fashion muse?

A:) Hmm, right now, and I have to say right now because fashion changes so much and so often but I have to say Rihanna. She's just a girl that goes for it. She makes everything fierce. Confidence sells it best. 

Q:) If you were able to travel to any time period for fashion purposes only, what would it be? And what would you wear?

A:) The 50s! The 50s were so glamorous. Women appeared very lady like. I'd for sure don a dress, off the shoulders with frills or bows of some sort and the perfect pump. I'd find the perfect mix between the very fashionable Audrey Hepburn and a sassy Marilyn Monroe

Q:) What was the best fashion advice you were ever given?

A:) Best fashion advice I've ever received was "Buy less. Choose well."