Mother's Day

Whether you are shopping for your mom, grandma, godmother, Mr. Mom or stepmom, Mother’s Day is a special time. Gifts for this day require a bit of extra thought. Show them that you actually put some effort into it. Mothers are special and deserve a bit of showering on their special day. 

If you are reading this an have not figured out a gift, I hope that this helps you out. You still have a bit of time. If you have, there's always next year. 


If your mom loves to be pampered… Gift her with a spa treatment and new robe 

Or maybe a facial and Clarisonic

If your mom is the “this is what I want” type… Gift her with her specified item and present with a hand written note of appreciation. 


If you're all out of options, think about her favorite pastime and grab her a few updated items. I.e. Does she workout? How about an iPod shuffle? Equipped with a built in clip mom can jam to her favorite song with a lightweight sound system.

Or an extra wide yoga mat.

Does she garden? Include…

How about read? Kindle Fire is great for late night reads and travel. A light and cover are also fantastic accessories if she already is set with the unit.

If you have a hard working mama send her flowers at work. 


If you're looking for something on the frugal side… Trinket gifts are best. 

Mommas always love something you put your creative juices into. 

For this… 

-Try creating a book full of pictures and memories or make mom’s day off coupons with errands and tasks you will do for her. 

-If you're not a creative person, refer last weeks Friday Faves.

Lastly, if you're like me and need to send Mr. Mom something, I've learned as tough as dads like to be, they boast and brag about their kids more than mom. It doesn't take much to make them smile. Grab him tickets to his favorite sports game, a round at the golf course, treat him to a quality time dinner or simply frame a pic of the two of you for his office.