Sunday Funday: Cuatro De Mayo

Whether people start their day in church, at the gym, or in bed recovering from their Saturday night, somehow everyone makes it out for Sunday Funday. And every New Yorker's favorite past time "brunch" is the main agenda. NYC can easily be deemed the brunch capital. Brunch here is full of reserved seating, mouthwatering food and meals accompanied by unlimited mimosas or bellinis. 


Considering our 9 to 5 schedules, my friends and I love to start early so that we can make it home by a decent hour, as the workweek is not to be disturbed by weekend madness. My personal preference is an 8 am church service, a light workout and then quick change for tipping and sipping. I know, I know, the idea is backwards but this is just what you do.

With Cinco de Mayo on the horizon this week, we took to an early celebration at Taj Lounge. In my sleek J Brand Maria high waisted denim, new neoprene paint splat H&M t-shirt and go to Zara leather I was out the door. 

ViVa and DoDi 

ViVa and DoDi 

**Planning a New York trip, make sure to extend your trip through Monday so that you can partake in the Sunday Funday festivities. Spring and summer are the best seasons and you won't be disappointed!