Beach Bagging

A list of my favorite must haves while being a beach bum...

1) The Bag: A large straw bag is wonderful for sand to fall right back out, however occasionally other small things fall through as well. So sometimes its better to opt for a canvas carry all to take you from the airport to the beach. One bag more space in your luggage. Here are a few of my favorites....


2) Hair tie: Once you get wet or the wind has whipped enough you will be searching for this

3) Flip Flops: Anything that is rinsable is perfect

4) iPhone and headphones: No you should not be taking calls on the beach. Music in the cloud or a bit of pandora works. 

5) Sarong: An oversized scarf works as well. This handles double duty. Wrap around your waist for a little wandering or wrap around when it finally gets a bit chilly

6) Wet ones and Purell: I don't know about you, but I get hungry LOL And if there is no quick access to the restroom boom clean and germ free.

7) Sunglasses: No explanation here. If you're at the beach I hope you need these.

8) Sunscreen: Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer 30 is lightweight and keeps the burn away. 

9) Baby Lips: This lip moisturizer is one of the best new things. Not only does it keep your lips supple, it also has spf. Amazing. Its also available in colors. 

10) Waterproof camera: No need to worry about ruining your camera or losing precious footage. 

11) A great beach read: #GIRLBOSS by the founder of NastyGal shares an abnormal road to success in her memoir.

12) Towel: To softly lay your head

13) Passport: If you are out of the country and aren't on your resort property keep this with you at all times. A bright easy to spot cover is great too.

14) Gum: For a snap, crackle or pop.