With 3 pregnant friends and a host of coworkers carrying new editions, the requests for how to be chic, sexy, comfy and not break the bank while overcoming the struggle of what to wear while preggers, have poured in. Now keep in mind I have not been blessed yet to have a bump, so it this took some Q&A as well as research within the mommy world. I hope this leaves you ladies feeling even more beautiful than you already are. 


1) Let's start with the main struggle... Bottoms. With a continuously growing belly, comfort and stretch are very important. Considering you have have a summer bump, denim shorts, 2 pairs of denim(white and blue) and a few skirts including maxis and pencil should be perfect to cover you for the season. 


2) DO NOT be afraid of going up a few sizes in regular clothes before resorting to maternity. Dresses and tops can easily be purchased so that you may enjoy clothes you would normally wear. Here are a few items you can tweak to accommodate you and your newest asset. 

3) Dresses:

-Maxi Dresses will be your best friend. There are an abundant amount of options in this category so I am going to breeze by it. Head to Forever 21, H&M or your favorite cheap store and try on the stretchiest ones you can find. Piece of cake!

-Sexy and sassy dresses.... A few to take you day to night....



4) Finally we have shoes. Point blank, grab yourself a pedicure and head to the sandal section. Take a gander at the shoes below and make sure to look for support and adjustable straps (just in case you incur a little swelling).  

If you need more inspiration feel free to comment or send a private message. I'm always willing to help.   



P.S. Congratulations!!