My Style

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken!
— Oscar Wilde

Most of my looks are inspired by where I am going and what I'll be doing, However, the mood I’m in always takes precedence. I cannot count the times I've had somewhere important to go, where I needed to be “dressed" and spun into a downward spiral of not being consumed by a look created in my head. Because 99% of the time, these outfits are nonexistent and I'm stuck choosing alternatives (which really can annoy someone like myself). I love fashion and it is a necessity to be comfortable being me! 

I am not the type of girl who can just pop in a store and grab the first thing I see. Nope, each item in my closet is a representation of something I absolutely needed to have (at least at that moment) LOL

Clothes should fit your personality. When you are dressed based on your mood, your presence exudes your personality and more importantly, YOU will feel amazing.