Personal Style: What's yours?

The key to the perfect wardrobe is first figuring out your personal style. This can be an easy thing for some yet others may still find it challenging. When trying to enhance your closet and create perfection you must first solve this issue.

For me, I feel alive when my outfit consists of at least four of these things

1) Sexy item

2) Casual piece 

3) Funky shoe 

4) Vibrant color 

5) And last but certainly not least my accessories. For me these tend to be an over the top item. I call this my artillery. Now my outfit is armed and I feel unstoppable. 


One of my favorite outfits recently has been: 

1) Sexy: Fitted black turtleneck. Though some may beg to differ a sleek black turtleneck is one of the sexiest items and every woman should own at least one. But we'll save that for another day.

2) Casual: A pair of H&M overalls. Overalls are fun and most importantly comfy, comfy, comfy!

3) Funky shoe: Studded Giuseppe Zanotti’s. I've had these for quite a few years, and they are still one of my favorite wardrobe pieces 

4) Accessory: Fringe scarf and Studded earring. The scarf is a sentimental item as it belonged to my mother. And the earrings are a Forever 21 jackpot item.  


Take some time and consider the following.... What types of pieces make you feel the most comfortable in your own skin? Now I'm not talking the sweats that you throw on when you're being lazy. I mean your go to(or absolute) favorites.  What are they? Why do you like them? Could it be the color, the fit or possibly the shape?

Take some time to think about this and let's revisit the topic in a future blog.