Day Trippin: Charlotte to Atlanta

This past weekend I took to Charlotte, NC for a quick trip to kickoff my besties 30th Birthday. In my head, my best friends are my sisters. We are big on birthdays and celebrations in general, so when we were given the news of an extra surprise from our other sister, we decided to set out on quick road trip down to Atlanta to celebrate the marvels of life. 

Starting our Friday evening out in Charlotte we enjoyed our much needed face to face catch up time and enjoyed a few cocktails and dinner at Fahrenheit. This new rooftop restaurant was cute and the energy was high. We perused the streets for awhile but opted to turn in early considering our plan to get up early and drive. 


Our Saturday morning consisted of the usual road trip prep: drinks, snacks, homemade breakfast sandwiches to go, the sunroof back and an upbeat playlist to keep up our momentum. With no traffic issues we made it smoothly into Atlanta to continue our day. Before meeting up with the third member of the trio we made our rounds at the mall just to see what Atlanta had to offer (*Note shopaholics will use any extra time to shop). 


With our sights in the city where we met and the nostalgic feeling of excitement of all being together, of course we ended up in Piedmont Park. Piedmont was alive with music, entertainment, food and arts, as the annual Dogwood Festival was taking place. Now that the that the three of us were together, an afternoon in the sun was perfect to eat, drink and be merry. Ironically sometimes the merry part ends up being silence when you're in the company of the ones you love the most. 

As the sun sets over the park

As the sun sets over the park

Around dusk, we departed the park, freshened up and headed right back out for a night on the town. Because we always crave the Atlanta nightlife. A celebratory birthday dinner at STK and a few fall throughs at the local lounges sealed the deal for the evening run. 


Brunch: As mentioned before, I am quite a foodie. And so are my favorite gals. So for one last hurrah before our departure, brunch at Cinco was the move. Again, reminiscing, praying over our future endeavors and just being us was all that was needed before the drive back to Charlotte.  That ride was short, sweet and got me right back to CLT airport just in time to return to reality.... Good evening NYC