29 on 2/9: My Golden Year

When I think back over my life, I always remember birthdays being significant celebrations. So there was no shortage of ideas when I decided to host a girls night in slumber party to celebrate my last year in my 20’s. 

With invites sent (in the mail of course), anticipation of spending quality time with my favorite gals and the photo booth props being prepared, the most important pre-party factor “my birthday outfit” was missing. With pajamas as the required attire I still had to create an outfit that said “I’m the Birthday Girl”. 

As I browsed the internet for inspiration I came across a picture of Beyonce from New Years Eve 2014. Her outfit had the perfect amount of sass, and the light in my head went off *BING*. The search was on for a Versace inspired silk paisley pajama set. 

I am no stranger to scouring the planet for something, especially once I have an idea for a look in my head. I find no shame in where I shop, so I took to any and every store that carried pajamas. After wandering around midtown NYC in a snowstorm with only days left to find my look, I strolled into Kmart and found EXACTLY what I was looking for.

After purchasing the main portion, I needed accessories. I popped into the costume store for lace bunny ears and then downtown to scoop a pair of high heel slippers…because what girl doesn’t wear heels on her birthday?!? 

Now that the outfit was complete, the festivities could commence and I could focus on the people closest to my heart! After all every year you should start out looking your best!