Classic. Chic. Cape.


I think by now I have made it clear that I will shop anywhere. So when I ventured into TJ Maxx for a few housewares, I didn't miss the chance to traipse over to the clothing section.

After rummaging through the unorganized racks of miscellaneous frocks without any luck of finding something I most likely didn't need anyway, I opted to continue over to the area of the store where I should've been in the first place. 

As I headed in the direction of housewares, a rack of what appeared to be throws caught my attention. The plethora of prints and textures was intriguing. To my surprise, the rack was filled with a staple for the season... capes! And marked sweetly at $39... Score! 

Naturally indecisive when given too many great options, I have ended up with five of these wonderful finds draped over my arm. My intentions turned quickly to gifting some of my fellow fashion sisters with these gems for the upcoming Christmas holiday. 

Now left debating on who would like the tan houndstooth wrap and who would enjoy the neutral striped fleece, a final decision was made. I checked out with four capes including the red and black plaid, for me. No judgements I follow the rule: one for you one for me!